Extending its long standing interest in environmental products and services the Company diversified in 1995 and formed an environmentally specific product division. This resulted in the manufacture, pilot marketing, research and development of several products. The main thrust being Water treatment technologies, In 1998, The Living Well®, became an internationally registered trademark. The Company holds patent rights relating to its core products. Achieving the right balance of its technology platform, cost/quality, target markets and so on has been an evolutionary process and the result of several years of field and marketing trials. The strategy of targeting the technology within realistic price parameters for the market and an emphasis on robust simplicity and quality, has been a central goal. More sophisticated developments are on the drawing board and are planned for release in 2013. In 2012, the Company realised a new milestone and the planned release of a revamped product suite and roll out of the first stage of its national network. The WATERPHYSICS’ business model will also represent a new paradigm in direct marketing.

New Horizons. The latest addition to the Company's diversified interests is in IT services. http://transwebjp.com The Company has invested significantly over the last 5 years to establish a niche in the global reach offered by the world wide web. As a point of market entry, the Company identified an opportunity for a niche translation service, aimed at providing integrated web design/hosting in addition to technical and general Japanese /English, English/Japanese language services. It is anticipated that the free trade agreement being negotiated between Australia and Japan, will ultimately succeed and create strong demand for this service. The challenge for SME's seeking new markets between the two countries, is a complex language/cultural barrier. Transwebjp.com provides a suite of effective solutions under one umbrella and can substantially reduce the cost of doing business between the respective countries.

Local businesses have always been the lifeblood of our community and transwebjp we believe that no matter how big or small, business is and always will be, about people. 
The arrival of Smart technology is transforming the way we view and interact with the world around us. We are working hard to translate these rapid changes into practical, user friendly tools that make our hectic lifestyles a little bit easier to navigate. 
Our multiple offers ‘Live Specials System’ is fast & flexible allowing the potential for a more creative advertising strategy. Hence a better shopping experience for YOU, the Customer.