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Thank you for visiting our Promotions webpage. If your enquiry relates to a Tyre & Mechanical Service Promotion and you can not find what you are looking for in our FAQ's section below, please telephone or email us for assistance. (see contact details above)  Commercial enquiries are welcome.


Q. I have a transaction on my creditcard statement for General Incentives Pty Ltd?
A. The transaction will be for the purchase of a Tyre and Mechanical Servicies promotional voucher/card, related to a franchise/independant service outlet in the vicintiy of your home or workplace.

Q. I recently purchased a service voucher and have now moved address. Can I get a replacement card closer to where I am?
A. Contact us and we will endeavour to find an alternative service outlet for you. No guarantees but we will do our best.

Q. I have lost my service voucher/card and I want to/have my car booked in for a service. Can you replace it for me?
A. No problem. If you can put your request in writing to Promotions PO Box 2350 Nerang Qld 4211 with a copy of your receipt we will mail you a replacement (subject to availability). If your request is urgent, or you can not find your receipt, please email or call us and we will endeavour to find a solution to assist. Lost or stolen cards will be registered with the service centre, to avoid duplication of services.

Q. I have not used my card, can I get a refund?
A. If the issue date on your receipt is more than 30 days past, then generally, a refund will not be issued. If you have special circumstances however, then we will certainly consider a refund, or partial refund in some cases. It is recommended you write or email us explaining your situation.

Q. My card has just expired and I still wish to use it. Can the use-by date be extended?
A. Sometimes the service outlet will honour an expired card, depending on a number of factors. Please contact us first to see if we can provide assistance.

Q. I am not happy with the service outlet and want to get a refund, can you help me?
A. Most problems are due to misunderstandings and get amicably resolved between the service provider and the customer. If you are having difficulty resolving an issue please explain your circumstance in writing and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.